Age: 16
Rita Mordio full 110229


Persona: Up beat. She is always cheerful and likes to make people smile by acting goofy or cracking a joke.  She hates evil beings with a passion.  Sometimes she is seen day dreaming or with a book in her face.

Skills: Setting things on fire, getting lost, is a semi skilled hand to hand combat fighter.

Likes: Sleeping, Running, Teasing people, Reading, Being Annoying, The colors red and yellow, and Water.

Doesn't Like: Evvviillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, and spiders.


Dune grew up underground with her family. She had 4 younger siblings, two of which died from illnesses. Her father, Castor Alixlands is one of the information holders in her civilization. Because of that Dune basically grew up with her nose in a book. She learned her combat skills from her older brother and his friend. Dune is still currently in training.