Sora has short,rugged white hair and black eyes, with dark lines under them from lack of sleep. His choice of clothing, just some simple white pj's. He is also fairly small and his looks make him look like a child. Sora is around 10.

Personality Edit

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Sora :D

Well Sora is sorta a quiet child, and usually acts sad or scared/frightened. But sometimes he won't show any emotion at all and just be smart and such. He kinda acts younger than his actual age.


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  • Hand-to-Hand combat
  • Coming up with plans
  • Solving problems
    • Him with some toys
    • Dice palace!
    • Him twirling his hair
  • Knife throwing
  • Finding weaknesses easily

+He gots the brains


Sora loves to play with toys, he also likes to play with dice and make towers and palaces out of them.

Sora also likes to twirl his hair from time to time.

Sixx A.M

Sixx A.M. --life is beautiful lyrics

His theme (I guess)