Vault Ammo

Age: 15

   Persona:  insanely kind but a little moody since her sister "died" she is also a slow learner.

Skills: finding things and hiding.

Bio: She recently had a bit of a spat about no one listening to her and ran away to find her sister who is in fact alive.
Everything she needs to tell Sun

Everything she needs to tell Sun

kinda theme

Appearance: Long black hair, bright purple eyes, a warm long white tunic with matching hat and orange scarf that was her sister's.




Push Ammo

Age: 22-thought to be dead at16

Persona: like her sister she is incredibly nice and trusts to easily leading to a lot of....stuff.

Skills: she has some of the best medical skills around and isn't to bad with her Asault rifle either.

Bio: she left to help Vault grow up in the medical field and to teach Sun a lesson about how she can't control everyone.

Appearance: looking nothing like her sister she has long white hair and frozen yet soft light blue eyes and a doctors coat with fur trim.



Mar-mar ^^

Marshall Andrews

Age: 13 almost 14

Persona: resentful of people, never in a good mood and only seems to be close to Push, his best friend/guardian.

Skills: GIANT GUN! SEE? :D he is also a little mutated so he's strong too 030

Bio: his father worked in NASA until his death and he was taken underground by his uncle that also worked as a test piolet when he was 7 months old and taught how to fly a ship. His uncle died when he was 5, he followed Push when she walked out of the shelter one day and they haven't been sepperated since.

Appearance:  he has short white hair, glowing red eyes, a large hoodie, a scar under his left eye and shorts for an odd reason.